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Being in Doing

By March 12, 2021March 23rd, 2021No Comments

At this point of 2021, apart from some strong lunations, there is a lack of major astrological aspects. This pre-equinox period gives us a much-needed breathing space; time to rest, to reflect on the longer-term processes of these changing times. There’s no doubt we are in a massive evolutionary process. As we face the dismantling of patriarchal ways, the differing faces of the Sacred Feminine archetypes in astrology point towards some of the deeper processes at play within ourselves and our lives. They are supportive in deepening our understanding of the energetic flow and where we can focus on implementing change.

Asteroid Goddess Pallas Athena is in Pisces 7 March 2021 until 14 February 2022. Pallas Athena represents feminine creative intelligence, a way of seeing that naturally knows the interconnectedness of life. Athena holds the quest for creative expression and contribution in the world. Strategist, advocate of justice, guardian and patroness of artisans, goddess of health and healing, in the Greek culture Athena was a protector of the people and guide to the Greek heroes in their quests. Her capacity of intelligence is to see both the whole picture and its elements. She’s highly attuned to differing frequencies of the mind. The Greek philosopher Plato refers to her as ‘divine intelligence, she who has the mind of God’. Athena reveals to us the both the holistic perspective and the detail, pinpointing what needs attention or action whilst having awareness of far-reaching implications. This is creative feminine intelligence, active in both women and men, living with relationship orientation and awareness of life’s innate wholeness.

Athena has been a major player in 2020’s major alignments, deconstruction process and the Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 0 Aquarius on the Solstice. Her energy reveals to us where creative feminine intelligence – the holistic life-honouring perspective – is flowing and growing. As she moves into the final sign of the zodiac Pisces, Athena points us towards the wisdom of compassion and our knowing of unity in the ocean of consciousness. Her journey through Pisces, particularly now at the time of the Pisces season, amplifies the calling to let go and flow, to relax, allowing both our creative and our growth processes to find their own rhythm moment to moment – much like the waves on the ocean. She opens the door to a deeper acceptance and understanding of our human frailties and the feeling threads of common humanity that unite us.

Athena’s inspirational, highly intuitive, creative and healing energies are strong in Pisces. As she traverses this final sign of the zodiac through to early 2022, our capacity to discover new and deeper levels of both faith and flow in life is strong. Pisces is the sign of soulfulness. Key focus at this time; what deeply feeds your soul? Where is surrender into your deep inner knowing of the divine called for? Where are feelings of powerlessness key to discovering a willingness to surrender, let go and allow life to bring what’s needed in right timing? Where is greater trust of your innate unity with life as life needing to be strengthened? Athena is holding your hand in all these places.

Athena in Pisces is the voice and action of compassion, the enlightened activist or peace-keeper, the one who serves humanity. The gift of Pisces also lies in our capacity to dream, vision and create. In this sensitive watery sign Athena is known through the hands of a healer, the words of a poet, the harmonious creation of a musician and the visionary capacity of an artist, designer or film maker. The Piscean capacity to weave with light, image and imagination is strong. In its finest expression this expresses creatively or in service. It’s a calling to be, to allow, to flow. You may not be a Pisces sun-sign, yet we all have the Pisces frequency as an aspect of our Individuality.

Every zodiac sign has its dark side and Pisces is no different. The Pisces shadow expresses through escapism, addiction or playing powerless. We all know what happens when we project light (thought, ideas, fantasy) to create illusion. It’s easy to get lost in confusion or delusion when we lack awareness of how we’re playing. Our perception of what we believe to be reality can become distorted.

Pisces also represents the collective unconscious. It’s where the individual disappears in the ocean of consciousness, so it also represents where we can get lose our centredness in denser frequencies of the collective experience. Victim consciousness is part of this play. It displays the risk aspects of the Pisces qualities. Just as it can be truly blissful to open and let go into the numinous space of the divine, it’s beguiling to disappear, space out and abdicate responsibility for living from the unity experienced in such a state. Athena, as a warrior goddess archetype, calls us beyond these shadows. Her gift is to actively engage the knowing experience of unity or divine connection, in order to live, act and serve from our soul knowing. She guides us to abandon our doubts and fears, our negative projections and engage the journey of spiritual mastery.

As Athena passes through Pisces, she connects with the Piscean ruler Neptune on 29 May, 27 August and 17 January 2022. Neptune is strong in his own sign and is a guiding light in the dissolution of both our old personal and collective ways of being. He delivers disillusionment in what’s dead and done and faith in the evolutionary process; he offers the opportunity to deepen our soul connectivity and the desire to serve the growing waves of collective change. With Athena meeting Neptune, our capacity to act on what we deeply know opens up in transcendent possibility. At these times, faith (and action on what we know to be true) can literally move mountains. The key is trust in yourself, your intuitive capacity and the process of growing change.

A line from Sufi poet Rumi sums these energies up beautifully, ‘As you start to walk on the way, the way appears’. In Pisces plans fade in the face of inspiration and vision, faith blossoms as you trust intuition, trust grows as you heed the synchronicities. The Pisces journey is one of ‘not knowing’ and yet surprisingly within that is an indefinable knowing of ‘something more’ guiding and holding us. It’s a place of paradox where our humanness falls away yet is fully immersed and nourished in its beingness. ‘Being within doing’ could be said to be an Athena in Pisces expression. Where is ‘being in doing’ calling you now? It’s time to have faith in its subtle guidance.