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What’s Arising from the Deep?

By October 24, 2022No Comments

This month’s New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse visible from Europe and Asia, emerging at 11.49BST tomorrow at 2 Scorpio.

Eclipses act like super-charged new and full moons, with energies peaking towards startling insights, or unexpected events or experience. They act as game-changers, either through suddenly being able to see what was previously hidden from awareness, or through surprises. Emerging every six months, these upcoming eclipses are linked to experience around 30 April and 16 May this year. They flow through to the first eclipse in a new cycle in Aries/Libra in April 2023 and the final Scorpio eclipse in May.

This Partial Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio highlights revelation arising from the deep subconscious. Scorpio carries the energy of fixed water. It’s like a deep still lake. Whatever has been composting down there, particularly in relationships and intimacy is being brought to the surface by the light of the Sun. With Venus in exact conjunction with the Eclipse, insight into exactly what you are creating in relating, or perhaps in regard to changing values or money, is primed.

Eclipse ruler Pluto in Capricorn is challenging entrenched conditioning, with Mother & Father wounds highlighted. Whatever is appearing in your life, look to core beliefs for the release that supports awakening and brings healing. Every ending point carries the potency of a new beginning, especially at eclipse time.

With the new Venus Star Point at 29 Libra just ignited, Wise Elder Saturn & Asteroid Goddess of Commitment Juno just station direct at 18 Aquarius and 7 Pisces respectively, and with Warrior Mars in Gemini slowing down for his ten-week retrograde starting 30 October, this is a pivotal time. The outcomes of what’s emerging are unclear. The core energy of eclipses supports riding the waves of change, with response or reaction creating the unfolding play of pressure and pleasure that is evolving consciousness.

Certainly, attachments and resistance are being highlighted right now and through to the Total Lunar Eclipse on 8 November. That one is a beauty… depending on your perspective on change!  It’s certainly time for an uplift in flexibility.

With the eclipse axis being Taurus & Scorpio, the processes of nourishing abundance in our lives and letting go what has served are aligning to create deep rich renewal for the next season of evolution.