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A Full & Generous Heart

By July 18, 2022July 22nd, 2022No Comments

The New Moon at 5 Leo emerges at 18.55BST on Thursday 28 July.

Leo is the fire sign of the heart, where are individuality integrates into a stable sense of who we are. It’s the sign ruled by the Sun so can represent where and how we shine, our gifts of self-expression. Leo also carries the qualities of warmth, courage, enthusiasm, creative and leadership potential.

Every year, as the Sun arrives in Leo, focus shifts from Cancer – connection to home, family, or tribe – to, who am I being, what is my heart calling for, where I am being encouraged to step up and take the lead? The New Moon in Leo calls us to be the hero and heroine in our lives, to take risks for the sake of our heart’s desires and our longing to express ourselves and create.

This particular New Moon in Leo is set within the backdrop of intensely transformative energies of sudden change. We are being prepared to step up in active ways, potentially in contrast to inner beliefs or resistance that don’t want to move. A supportive trine from the New Moon to Jupiter in Aries – station retrograde just a few hours after the Moon emerges anew – suggests this time requires us to live with spontaneity, daring and courage. It’s time to take a risk. If you know your birth-chart the Aries, Taurus and Leo houses are strongly activated as the situation in which that is focused. Earth Mother Ceres also in Leo, close to the New Moon, suggests a harvest, or the need to let go to realise one.

As we start the New Moon week, a square between Venus in Cancer conjunct Dark Feminine Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter in Aries sets the scene for the New Moon uplift. This suggests there may be tension between a personal desire to protect, defend, retreat or hide, perhaps because of vulnerability, and what is calling you, allowing dependency and neediness to self-sabotage growth. The beneficent nature of Venus and Jupiter supports the necessary courage to feel, embrace, and go beyond comfort zones. It’s a fine balance to acknowledge and honour the Cancerian sensitivity and stepping into new life. Lilith brings this an impersonal edge to walk on, embracing rather than denying vulnerability, but not allowing it to inhibit the next phase of natural growth.

The fixed signs of Leo and Taurus also highlight sticking points around what is known and familiar, particularly in the mental realm (therefore safe) and the demand to simply act. With Mercury in Leo squaring and activating the upcoming dynamic Grand Fixed Cross (with Mars/Uranus/North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio, and Wise Elder Saturn in Aquarius) from today onwards, resistance to change is in dynamic interaction with the desire for new life and an uplift of creative potential.

Key focus: What is calling for some courageous risk-taking in self-expression? With asteroid of relationship Juno in Pisces with Mystic Neptune also involved in these aspects, relationship may be an arena for that. Forgiveness and soulful connection being a strong element towards renewal.