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A Deep Dive into Intimacy

By March 17, 2023No Comments

Asteroid Psyche stations retrograde at 26 Scorpio this weekend. She brings focus to a deep journey with the next frequency of emotional maturity and how that expresses in relationships and intimacy.

Any planet in Scorpio calls us explore what lies beneath our apparent reality – our true motivations, deep-seated angsts and resentments, the core truth. Scorpio is a penetrative sign. It can be cutting, even ruthless, in its intention to divulge emotional honesty. It’s a sign of great emotional resourcefulness yet can fail to recognise or acknowledge, that truth must be paired with heart to be most effective.

With Psyche station retrograde in this deep water sign, we are called into a potentially rich exploration & development in emotional integrity.
From my book Sacred Pathways:
‘Psyche’s myth reveals to us the heroine’s journey. It reveals the evolution of innocence to strength, authenticity, maturity and wholeness. Yet it’s so much more, as we shall discover. Psyche’s journey reveals the evolving integration of soul and humanness. It is a mirror for our own stages of development, revealing where and how we may get stuck in unconscious patterns of thinking and behaviour, and how we may move into maturity. In particular it reveals the deep inner processes available to us through relationship; how relating acts both as an invitation and catalyst for us to grow. It reveals how what we see as obstacles, either within or in our relationships, are in fact vehicles for the growth of maturity.’

In the final stages of her mythological journey Psyche is given a box of beauty that she must take to Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love, without looking into it. Yet she is curious and cannot resist opening it herself… it was an apparent failing, yet in truth, was the claiming of her agency, her maturity to claim the fullness of love.

Key focus with this Psyche retrograde in Scorpio (19 March to 5 July) : What new gift of agency is calling you, particularly within your closest relationships?

Art: Psyche by Pauline Burnside from my book Sacred Pathways – Discovering Divine Feminine Archetypes in You